You Matter (ENG)

Presenter: Max Gonchar

In today’s day and age, children are under a wave of social experimentation exercised by the education system, government leaders, celebrities, media, friends, family members and the list goes on. The social experiment is focused on the heart and mind of every human being. We see the effects of it in our society with the rise of suicides, violence, substance abuse, and hopelessness. This lays a heavy burden on families and the church! This workshop will give Sunday school teachers, teens/youth leaders the passion and tools to equip their students with practical Bible insight on why they matter in this world and to see themselves in the eyes of their Maker.

Sunday School Conference _You Matter_.pdf

Serving God In Spirit (RU)

Presenter: Liliya Soroka

God calls every person to fulfill His perfect will. We always have a choice. To stay in the good will. To walk after Him in His calling, is to walk, not stand still, but to walk, fight, and to win. Not to be afraid to make mistakes, which will always happen. But His promises are true - He will be with us. Joshua son of Nun is a bright example in knowing the Perfect will, knowing His voice, obedience and mistakes, life in defeat and in victories. My personal examples, mistakes and victories will be highlighted in this topic.


Capturing Kids' Hearts (ENG/RU)

Presenter: Lyudmila Kotsura

Capturing Kids Hearts is consisted of key components to effective classroom management, which is one of the most powerful factors in affecting student outcomes. Here you will find many useful and positive strategies to manage student behaviors and attitudes during instructional time.

capture kids heart.pdf

Techniques To “Teach Like A Champion” (ENG)

Presenter: Viktoriya Kotsyubuk

“Teach Like A Champion” (TLAC) offers effective teaching techniques to build confident teachers, engaged students and positive classroom culture. TLAC techniques are powerful, concrete, specific and easy to implement directly. In this workshop, prepare to learn how to encourage students to persist in their studies, follow classroom rules and stay engaged. Be ready to acquire skills for classroom management through your words and tone to communicate with students in a positive way. Come prepared to learn and apply TLAC techniques in your classroom.


Development Through Play (ENG)

Presenter: Marina Korniychuk

Research suggests that play is a critical factor in child’s development. Today, natural play has been affected by technology. Video/computer games have become the top priority to children, when choosing to play. In this workshop we will discuss the natural development through play, how modern play affects child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual health, and how we can apply and incorporate modern play, into our Sunday school programs, effectively. This workshop will provide resources that can be applied in your ministry.

Development through Play 2022.pdf

Charter Schools, A False Way Or A Long-Awaited Answer? (RU)

Presenter: Sergey Soroka

My personal path from principal of a private Christian school to CEO of a Charter school. -What is a charter school?

-How is it different from the very well-known public schools? -What are the main stumbling blocks in understanding the concept of charter school system?

Presentation for Conference- ENG.pdf
Presentation for a Conference- RUS.pdf

The Law Of Intentionality: Bridging The Gaps To Growth (ENG/RU)

Presenter: Anna Kalinyuk

There are countless questions leaders can ask themselves to measure their growth. For example: How can I improve? How can I grow spiritually? How can I gain wisdom? How can I improve relationships with those around me? Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better. You cannot give what you do not have.

Law of Intentionality.pdf

Heart-To-Heart Mentorship (RU)

Presenter: Lyubov Nesteruk

The importance of a wholehearted relationship with God when mentoring teens.

What makes ministry to teens effective? What is the most important thing that teens need? What does a leader's heart have to look like, to be able to make the biggest impact on a teen's life? How to effectively reach the hearts of your teens in order to build the right foundation for their future life? How to become a friend for your teens, someone whom they can open their hearts to?

Teens Ministry - Heart to Heart.pdf

Partnering With Parents (ENG)

Presenter: Tanya Kravchuk

How can Sunday school teachers best support parents and include them in our ministry to maximize our impact on children’s faith?

As ministry leaders, we cannot deny that partnering with parents is a big need in our churches. But, what does this actually look like? Is it just sending home parent worksheets and the occasional text message or is it something more? Perhaps the answer lies in shifting our focus entirely from children to families. This workshop explores practical ways you can help parents embrace their roles as the primary spiritual leaders in their homes through the support from your Sunday school classroom.

Partnering with Parents.pdf

Object Lessons & Visual Aids (RU)

Presenter: Alex Matyushenok

Have you ever had a hard time keeping your students’ attention throughout your lesson? This workshop will explore why a teacher would need to use something other than the Bible, what visual aids God uses, as well as check out the different types of visual aids you can incorporate into your lessons.

Методы и средства.pdf
Object lessons - Handouts.pdf
Object Lessons Resources.pdf

Better Together: Working With Volunteers (ENG)

Presenter: Natalya Yaroshevich

Here you can learn how to create, inspire, and lead your team. How to invest in your people so they serve as one team with one mission in mind. Whether you lead a class, camp team, specific department or the entire ministry, you can learn how to be a volunteer that is engaged, present, and committed to your team. We are better together!

Better Together_ Working with volunteers.pdf
Better Together-Outline.pdf

A Case Study In Grow Deep Teen Ministry (ENG)

Presenter: Alla Karpuk

Teenagers are not a sub-ministry in the church, they are the church! Sharing teen ministry experience gained over the last 14 years: initial launch, program development, volunteer recruitment and motivation, assessments/evaluation, and adapting to change. We’ll share some DOs and the DONTs, hardest lessons learned, and what it takes to mentor teens while supporting and engaging their parents.

Grow Deep Teen Ministry.pdf

Equipping Leaders With Technology (ENG)

Presenter: Vadim Krasnodemsky

Equipping leaders to help families navigate the world of technology. Tech is a subculture that is native to young users while remaining foreign to older users. Technology should be used as a tool to equip the church and share the Gospel. Rather than being feared, it should be carefully embraced with an understanding that the enemy is also using this tool.

DISCover Your Teaching Style (ENG)

Presenter: Liliya Semenyuk

Each of us has been given a gift from God--our personalities. Did you know that your personality style influences how you teach? This workshop will help you understand the way God created you and why you tend to do things the way you do, so that you can better understand your students and relate to them. We will close out the session with some practical tips for how you can meet your students’ needs to be successful in your class.

The Puppet Ministry As An Effective Platform For Reaching & Teaching (RU)

Presenter: Andrey Shapovalov

Creative Ideas for reaching children outside of the church. The puppet team is a practical tool to raise leaders. The use of props, scripts, recourses, and more are all valuable tools in this ministry.

Organization of Christian Schools (RU)

Presenter: Victor Georgiyev

Choosing your team. Information for parents, ministers, and teachers. Selection of space for education and requirements for it. Curriculum. The function of schools. Questions and answers.

Answering Questions About The Age Of The Earth (ENG/RU)

Presenter: Elijah Bundin

Providing satisfying answers to questions about the scientific credibility of the Bible is a critical skill for any educator seeking to establish their students in the Christian Faith. There are currently over 300 natural "clocks" demonstrating the recent creation of the Earth. This workshop explains several simple, easy-to-remember examples of such Earth clocks. It will equip you to show to others that the millions and billions of years that evolutionists promote are merely a current consensus rather than a fact of science.

Age of the Earth - Conference April 2022 - Static.pdf

Weak Links For Growing Leaders (ENG)

Presenter: Serge Russu

Everyone is not perfect, including young leaders. With that in mind, Apostle Peter pinpoints a few areas that people in authority should consider and a few areas that those under authority should consider. Those under authority will be challenged in their submission to authority, dealing with pride, learning to trust God, and the battle against temptations (1 Peter 5:5-11). Those who are in leading positions will be challenged in the things mentioned above but also in serving willingly, without personal agendas, and leading by personal example (1 Peter 5:1-4). This lesson is targeting leaders to challenge them in different stages of their roles in order to effectively lead the people of God.

Weak-Links - PPT.pdf
The Opportune Time - PPT.pdf


General Session 1 - Creation of the Identity

Friday - April 29, 2022 | 6:30pm - 7:20pm

A minister should know the truth about creation in order to gain true wisdom and true longing. True wisdom in understanding the intention of God about the creation of the earth and of man. By true longing, I mean sadness about permanently lost harmony of paradise.

This seminar answers two questions:

-According to God's plan, who was man created to be?

-What would this world look like if we never lost God's original plan for it?

Practically, the value of the seminar, is to care for the zeal of the ministers of youth to restore the lost identity in every person.

General Session 2 - The Lost Identity

Saturday - April 30, 2022 | 9:30am - 10:30am

A minister must understand the teaching of "The Fall", in order to participate in true battle. When speaking of true battles, the Bible implies the battle for the heart of a person. Note the difference, not against the heart, but for it. When we say heart, we understand that it means the mind, feelings and desires of the individual. This seminar was created with the goal to learn the constant battle with sin - any thought or desire to live outside of, or against God's plan. On the other hand, we will learn to wrestle for a wise mind, right heart and holy feelings.

General Session 3 - Reborn Identity

Saturday - April 30, 2022 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm

A minister must know the truth about the redemption of the person and birth from above, to have true joy. Only in observation of God's Glory in His identity and deeds can bring true joy. We await the restoration of the lost paradise, and God creates the world and a person in greater glory than the glory of paradise. And the great joy is in the fact that we have the invitation to share this glory now, in serving children. This seminar was created to see how we can be participants in the work of the Holy Spirit over the identities of our dear ones. All of our work in this conference and in our local churches, we do for His Name's Sake.