Encouraging Revival - ENG/RU

Presenter: Igor Skrypnichenko

The world we live in is not like we want to see it. How does God view our communities? Does God look at us with pity, that we are not living up to His purposes? Or are His eyes filled with inspiration to fight for the revival of people and a new world for people? In answering these questions, we will search our views on the fading person and creation. We face discouragement when we don’t see the results of our efforts. Or is the depravity of humanity so obvious that we don’t have any more strength to continue our ministry? To gather inspiration for ministry is necessary for the creative work of God. For this purpose, we must learn this very important master skill: to look at God and His work in this world. Our main assignment throughout this entire seminar is to look at the great work of God, from beginning to end. 

Educating Revival - ENG/RU

Presenter: Igor Skrypnichenko

To see God Who revives the creation and individuality of a person means to be inspired to participate in God’s Mission, but to know how to participate in God’s Mission is another thing. Our goal is to observe the participation of the Mission of God by the apostles and prophets. We will see how these people participated in the revival of people and nations. Observation is the best education in the acts of revival. The practical benefit of the seminar is to, together, devise a biblical plan for the revival of individuals. A plan that, upon arriving home, you will be able to adapt to your ministry.

Equipped for Revival - ENG/RU

Presenter: Igor Skrypnichenko

To have the ability to implement the mission of apostles and prophets into our lives, we need to know how to use the means of grace, gifted to us by God, for the revival of the individual. Therefore, it is necessary for an educator to master the proper use of Scriptures and prayers, the means through which God gives an opportunity for rebirth. Ministry becomes wise and strong when we collectively use the gifts of grace because the church itself is a gift of God’s grace for the world. I desire for each of you to see the God who revives people and gives them the opportunity to participate in His work, while rightly using their gifts and resources. 


Helping a Hurting Child - ENG


Presenter: Erica Bogdanovich

Douglas Franklin once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. Our little people have big emotions and they often do not know how to act or process the hurt and pain they feel. Teenagers are going through the second-largest brain development as well as trying to process all the new emotions they are feeling.  Too many times the adults in their life dismiss their feelings or chalk it up to “It's just a phase”. But what if the child acting out in your classroom is actually desperately asking for love? Maybe that teen in your youth group who is rebelling is actually deeply hurting. How do you help? What do you say? What don’t you say? During this session, Erica will answer these questions and share practical ways you can help a child/teen in a season of hurting. Let’s help build strong children together.  

Social Media: A Blessing or a Curse - ENG


Presenter: Max Gonchar 

God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” As we look at history and our present day, these words are forever true. Man has a yearning to have fellowship and a connection with other people. Social media has played a big role in this in our modern world. There are many good things and not so good things that a person can get out of it. Our session together will help Sunday school teachers, teen/youth leaders, and parents by understanding social media, and gaining resources and biblical wisdom in helping the young mind navigate social media channels. 

I Wish My Teacher Knew - RU

ROOM: 225

Presenter: Ivan Leshchuk

“I wish my teacher knew how much I miss my dad. He died when I was only three years old.” “I wish my teacher knew that I have no friends at all and that no one wants to play with me.” “I wish my teacher knew that my mom is getting worse and worse, and last night she was taken to the hospital.” “I wish my teacher knew that I'm not as strong as other kids and therefore I can't do everything as fast as them. But I will definitely try. Truth". “I wish my teacher knew that sometimes I don’t have lunch because my mom works and I don’t have a dad, and I’m afraid to turn on the stove without my mom.” “I wish my teacher knew, but wouldn’t tell anyone about it. My dad is in prison and I haven't seen him in years." “I wish my teacher knew but would never yell at me. Since childhood, I have been very afraid of any yelling.” Is it possible to remain the same teacher after such confessions? 

Leadership in Leading the Soul - RU

ROOM: 148

Presenter: Igor Skrypnichenko

Today people know how to be a leader in corporations, politics, and society. But what does it mean to be a leader for the human soul? What does it mean to lead a person on paths through the back alleys of their heart to God's purpose for a young person's life?

The practical benefit of our discussion is understanding the specifics of pastoral leadership for teenagers. We will explore how to show people the way to understand and realize their calling.

By studying the Scriptures and the tradition of U.S. leadership, we will look at how to revive leadership in the tradition of John Adams, 6th President of the United States.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become better, then you are a true leader.” 


Friday, November 11

Start: 6:30pm

End: 8:30pm

Saturday, November 12

Start: 9:45am

End: 4:30pm



Bethany SMC

9880 Jackson Rd,

 Sacramento CA 95827